Municipal Court

*****Effective 6/26/2020 at 8:00 a.m. - Town of Copper Canyon Town Hall and Muncipal Court is Closed to the Public due to the recent announcement by Governor Greg Abbott********

Staff is available to assist you during normal business hours by phone, email, online or by appointment.

All closures and cancellations will be reassessed and modified as conditions change.

Municipal Court: 

Defendants may pay and view options online for citations at: under the Municipal Court Tab on the left of the landing page or contact the Court below at:

Phone: (940) 241-2677 EXT 1     

             (940) 241-2677 EXT 5

             (940) 241-2727 Fax

Mission statement

 Our mission is to have fair resolution of disputes and inform and serve the public fairly along with serving all citizens in a courteous and professional manner. The court is dedicated to prompt and accurate processing and is committed to protect the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and the laws of the United States.

Municipal Court

Municipal Court is responsible for administering the litigation of Class C Misdemeanor charges brought against citizens within the limits of the Town of Copper Canyon and the collections of fines assessed. The Municipal Court maintains all records of the court, collects fines and fees, set trial dockets, prepares warrants and issues subpeonas.The Court and all court staff shall provide equal and impartial justice undeer the law and process each case efficentily, withour delay, or unnecessary expense. We strive to dispose of cases in a timely manner with prompt and courteous service.


You will  NOT BE ARRESTED at the Town of Copper Canyon when you come in to make arrangements on Class C warrants. If you have an outstanding warrant, you should contact the Town of Copper Canyon Municipal Court to make arrangements in order to avoid getting arrested.

COVID-19 Guidleines for Court


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Susan Greenwood Municipal Court Administrator (940) 241-2677 Ext. 5
Melissa Jenkins Administrative Assistant (940) 241-2677 Ext. 1