Driver's Safety Course

 Driver's Safety Course

For all citations, you must appear in person or by mail by the "Appearance Date" printed on your citation. Phone call(s)  or email do NOT constitute an appearance. 

Note: Do not take the course or pay online before obtaining court approval. Please see below to be sure you qualify for the driver’s safety course option.

If charged with a traffic offense under the Subtitle C, Transportation Code, a request may be made to take a driving safety course. This option will result in a dismissal once you have complied with all the terms.

For Moving Violations: On or before your Appearance Date on your citation, you may be able to request that your citation for a moving violation be dismissed by complying with the terms and conditions of probation. You will lose that right if you do not provide written notice to the court of your desire to do so on or before your Appearance Date. A written notice is a notarized affidavit of eligibility or sworn request.

Eligibility Requirements to Request Driver’s Safety

You are eligible for a Driving Safety Course if:

You do not possess a Commercial driver's license

Your offense was not committed in a construction zone

You have not completed a Driving Safety Course for ticket dismissal in the previous 12 months (calculated from date of previous completion date to the violation date of your current citation).   

You have a valid Texas driver’s license or permit.

You have valid proof of insurance (printed) showing you as a covered driver.

Your citation was for a moving violation.

Your actual speed must be less than 25 mph over the speed limit (if cited for speeding).

Procedures for Driving Safety Course

You must submit the following required items to the court on or before your initial Court date:
If you are eligible, you may sign up for a Driving Safety Course by sending the following five items to the court or appearing at the court on or before your appearance date:

A current copy of your valid insurance showing you as a covered driver on the policy

A copy of your valid Texas driver’s license

The required fee: $144.00 for the Court Cost Fee

The Driving Safety Course request Form

The Municipal Court Plea Form

 You may submit your request for Driver’s Safety one of two ways:

In- Person- You may appear at the Court window between the hours of 8:30 a.m.. to 4:00 p.m.. and speak with the clerk. The clerk can process your request and provide the correct forms and process your payment

By Mail: You MUST fill out the Driver’s Safety Request form and the Municipal Court Plea form and mail it to the court with the Court Cost Fee and all the other requirements listed above. All requests must be mailed/postmarked on or before your initial appearance date on your citation. Failure to do so could possibly result in the request being denied.

Once Approved and Fees have been paid

Once you have obtained approval from the court and paid your fees, you must:
Take a state approved driving safety course and return all documentation listed below within 90 days. 

Obtain a certified copy of your driving record from the Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin.

You may obtain the driving record at website. You will need the certified 3A.

Submit both of the following to the court by your 90 day deadline:

 A certificate of completion from a state approved driving safety course

A certified copy of your driving record from the Texas Department of Public Safety

Where You Can Take a Driving Safety Course
The Driving safety course must be approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR). You can find out more information about Driving Safety Courses through the TDLR’s Website. Court personnel cannot recommend a driving safety school.  

Failure to Comply With Terms of Agreement

If you fail to submit the two required documents to the Court within 90 days, you will be required to appear at a Show Cause Hearing to explain to the Judge the reason you did not submit the required documents, and you will be responsible for payment of the remainder of the fine. The offense will then be reported on your driving record as a conviction