Scofflaw Program

                                                SCOFFLAW PROGRAM


Section 702.003 of the Texas Transportation Code provides that a county tax assessor collector may refuse to register a motor vehicle, if the department receives under a contract, information from a municipality that the owner of the vehicle has an outstanding warrant from that municipality for failure to appear or failure to pay a fine on a complaint that involves the violation of a traffic law.

The Town of Copper Canyon has entered into an agreement with The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles relating to the denial of motor vehicle registration as authorized under the Texas Transportation Code.

If you have warrants/fines that are outstanding, a block will be placed on your record preventing vehicle registration. Vehicle registration will not be allowed until there is final disposition on all outstanding warrants/fines.


 The only option for removal of the registration block is the final disposition of all outstanding warrants/fine. Final disposition includes payment in full or completion of any court imposed program or option.

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles DOES NOT have access to the Municipal Court records and cannot advise on matters related to the status of court cases, other than that a block has been put on the vehicle registration.

Inquiries regarding the block on registrations or the status of court cases, must be directed to Copper Canyon Municipal Court. The court may be contacted at (940) 241-2677.